Electric Seal Embosser 

  Compact and Economical
Ideal for use in homes, offices, factories or stores.

No Longer Available

Fastest seal embosser for single-sheet documents, diplomas, etc. 
Up to 3,000 impressions hourly.
Uses 1 3/4", 2" or 1" x 2" dies in die holders.
Die holders are interchangeable in 20 seconds.
Has control button for efficiency.
Intermittent motor drive - minimum current use.
Completely Portable

Genuine name brands, no generics or substitutions. 

Height - 12" Length - 10 1/2" Weight - 14 lbs.
Width - 6" Reach - 2 7/8" Finish - Art Gray


Fast - Time Saving!
Finest, fastest operating seal embosser available for embossing seal impressions on certificates, diplomas or legal papers. Ideal for Architects, Banks, Churches, Corporations, Engineers, Notaries, Photographers, Schools, Sureties, Art Studios, etc.   

Operator Controlled!
Control button assures speed and efficiency when operating ART Portable Electraseals. Permits exact positioning of papers in seal throat by operator before making the permanent seal.  Operator has complete control of machine at all times. Amazing speed permits up to 3,000 impressions per hour.

Versatile - Dies Interchangeable!
Remarkable versatility is a feature of this seal embosser. Uses either 1 3/4" dies or 2" round dies in dies holders which can be interchanged in less 20 seconds. Permits unlimited use of various seal copies of either size for any purpose.

Minimal Original Cost - Low Operating Cost!
Low initial cost, selling for a fraction of the cost of other electrically operated seal presses now available. Has many feature not found even in costly seal presses. Low operating cost - intermittent duty. Has no constant motor drive requiring steady use of current. Plugs into any 110V outlet. It's even miserly in electrical consumption!

Maintenance - Little!
Practically no maintenance is required. No oiling, no greasing, no waxing and no daily adjustments are needed to keep ART Electraseals ready for use.

Hood Protects Feed Table and Dies!
Even the hood is designed to make this machine as dustproof as possible.

Model  D-1 No Longer Available
With Control Button. Includes one set of dies mounted in die holder.

No Longer Available

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