High Quality Ink Pads & Inks

 We offer a large selection of fine quality ink pads and inks.
Whether you are a home user or business, we have the pad that's right for you. Click on the sections below to view  categories of ink pads available. 

Large selection of replacement ink and pads. 
Brands include 2000 plus, Ideal, Trodat, Reiner, Xstamper
and many others.

Please Note: There is a $15.00 minimum on all plaques, seals,
stencils, ticket punches, inks and stamps.
This can be applied in any combination of items.

Genuine name brands, no generics or substitutions.

Ready to ship in 1 to 2 business days.

*** Ink Pad Selections ***

Felt Ink Pads 
For home or business use
available in 5 basic colors

Large DRY Felt Ink Pads 
Used if large print areas are required 

Fingerprint Ink Pads
Ceramic pads used for fingerprinting  

Stone Ink Pads 
Porous stone for the highest quality and sharpest image available  

Metal Ink Pads 
Used for special inks not suitable for plastic cases  

Reversible Stamp Pad Ink Kit
Includes special ink for marking metal, foil, electronic parts, photos, mylar and other non-absorbent surfaces.  

*** Branded Ink & Ink Pad Replacements ***

2000 plus Replacement Pads
For self-inking stampers & daters
available in 1 or 2 color pads
Ideal Replacement Pads
For self-inking stampers
available in 8 ink colors
Reiner Automatic Numberers Replacement Ink Pads
Highest quality oil based ink pads that are used for Reiner numberers only.
Trodat Replacement Pads
For self-inking stampers & daters
available in 1 or 2 color pads.
Xstamper Replacement Ink & Accessories
For pre-inked Xstampers. Inks-Bases-Trays-Date Kits-Cartridge

*** Inks (Refills & Specialty) ***

Ink Pad Inks for paper
Laundry Inks
Photo Inks
Frozen Food Inks 
Invisible Ink
Reiner Automatic Numberers Inks
Invisible Ink Kit

Ink for Glass, Cellophane, Plastics, Metal & non-absorbent materials

For help in selecting industrial ink for your ink pad - click here

Information about different types of inks -  click here

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