"W" Inspection Stamps
The most trusted name in Inspection Stamps


These inspection stamps are made with
the Best Quality Materials and the Finest Craftsmanship.
Available in 5 sizes and 2 styles.
Quality materials include a solid neoprene plug that is all one piece
and cannot come apart.
Deluxe model features a solid brass cap and the PC model features a plastic cap.
Available with or without a key chain hole drilled in handle.

Please Note: There is a $15.00 minimum on all plaques, seals,
stencils, ticket punches, inks and stamps.
This can be applied in any combination of items.

Genuine name brands, no generics or substitutions. 

Shown below are some samples of different stamps. 

You can design any Border, any Size or Layout to your exact specifications.
Send an email attachment (pdf) with your design and specify any changes
required such as stamp numbers, initials, etc.

Artwork must be camera ready in exact size to fit inspection stamp chosen.
Resolution must be a 600 dpi or higher.

When sending via email, graphic format must be pdf.
These custom made stamps are r
eady to ship in 10 working days.

Inspection Stamps Order Information

Please fill out the information below.
After the form is filled out and sent please fax or email your design to us.

Discount volume pricing is available on this item:
3 - 10 stamps = $13.50 each
11 - 25 stamps =
$12.30 each
26 - 50 stamps =
$11.70 each
51 - 100 stamps =
$11.10 each
If you wish to order a quantity of more than 100, please email us for a quote: InspectionStampQuote@acemarking.com

Select The Size & Type of Inspection Stamp:
PC (with plastic cap)  
1/2" PC 0  
3/4" PC 1  
BC Deluxe (with brass cap)
1/2"  #716   
15/16" #78  
Type The Quantity of Inspection Stamps: 

Minimum order is 3 stamps


Do you want key chain hole in handle of stamp?

Key chain hole is wanted in handle (+.25 each)  
No Key chain hole is wanted in handle 
After your order is placed, Additional Extra Caps are available below.

Order Additional Plastic and Brass Caps
(Minimum order is $15.00 for caps)

Caps are priced at $1.55 each.

Plastic Cap
PC 0  
PC 1  

Brass Cap

Type The Quantity of Caps: 

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