New Model - New Design !!!
High Leverage - Long Handle 
1 Letter or Number Punch #433LH
with Receptacle Catch

for punching up to 32 mil plastic cards

Discount Pricing now available for multiple quantities

All Dies are made from hardened steel and 
has a large punching visibility. 

Quality Features on all punches:
1- Finish is heavy nickel plate buffed to a high luster.
2- Clear cutting hardened steel die made with extreme accuracy.
3- Easy action spring.
4- Iron casting.
5- Hard steel pivot pin.

Please Note: There is a $15.00 minimum on all punches.
This can be applied in any combination of items.

Genuine name brands, no generics or substitutions. 
All Ticket Punches Are Not Returnable

These custom made items are available to ship in 18 to 25 working days.

A heavy duty high leverage punch for punching  characters  or numbers in  plastic cards up to 32 mil thick.  This punch operates with the satisfaction of a fine tool and features a long handle

Up to 14 sheets 20 lb. paper (cant fit anymore in slot) / Up to 32 mil plastic
Reach = 1-1/2"  Length = 6 7/8"

Single Letter or Number Pricing
Quantity of 1 Price is $138.00 ea
Quantity of 2 To 4 Price is $118.00 ea
Quantity of 5 to 11 Price is $105.00 ea
Quantity of 12 to 25 Price is $97.00 ea
Quantity of 26 to 50 Price is $95.00 ea
Quantity of 51 to 99 Price is $92.00 ea
Quantity of 100 to 1000 Price is $82.00 ea

Letter or Number size is 1/8"

1) Type The Quantity of Ticket Punches wanted: 

2) Type your custom letters or numbers in box below:
1 character only
If you need more than 1 character follow link below:

  2 Character   3 Character
Please Note: Letters for punch can be made in  UPPER CASE only.
3) Number of characters & punch position for your punch.
The above picture shows how your punch will punch on your paper or card. 
1 character punch have position B.
1 Character Position B

4) Material To Be Punched:
Paper Only 
    Up To 32 Mil Plastic   

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