Ribtype™ Mounts 
Interchangeable Rubber Stamps
Offers flexibility in marking

Self Inker - Rocker Mounts - Peg Holder
Rubber Stamp - Replacement Pads - Clear Empty Display Packs & Empty Boxes

  The Ribtype™ system of interlocking ribbed-rubber provides the ultimate is stamping flexibility.
The ribs on the back of the type interlock with the ribs on a rubber base that may be adhered to hand stamps, hand-held print wheels and to machinery such as automatic roll coders and reciprocating coders.

Shown below are samples of the available Ribtype™ mounts.
Click on the photo to view available sizes for each
Minimum order is $20.00 in any combination of Ribtype™.

Genuine name brands, no generics or substitutions. 

Justrite heavy duty self-inking stamps
The ink pad is built-in for fast and easy marking.
RIBbase is affixed to the die plate to allow for interchangeable messages.
Available in sizes as small as 5/8" x 5/8" and as large as 2-1/2" x 4-3/4"


Ribtype™ Selfinker
Permits quick changing of messages for short runs.

Ribtype™ Rocker Mount
Easier to mark over large areas with less pressure.

Ribtype™ Peg Holder
For stamping hard to reach area.

Ribtype™ Rubber Stamp
Easy to use rubber stamp mount.

Replacement Ink Pads for Ribtype Self-inking Stampers


Empty Clear Ribtype Display Packs  & Empty Ribtype Boxs to Hold Characters



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