Ribtype™ Aluminum
Rocker Mounts

Interchangeable Rubber Stamps

Offers flexibility in marking

  The Ribtype™ system of interlocking ribbed-rubber provides the ultimate is stamping flexibility. The ribs on the back of the type interlock with the ribs on a rubber base that may be adhered to hand stamps, hand-held print wheels and to machinery such as automatic roll coders and reciprocating coders.

These rugged aluminum rocker mounts are ideal for industrial marking. The 3/16" sponge cushion is bonded to the aluminum base and edges are weather sealed for maximum durability.  Ribs always run in the same direction of the curve or rocking motion.

 Shown below are samples of the available 
Ribtype™ Aluminum Rocker Mounts.

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Minimum order is $20.00 in any combination of Ribtype™.

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Size of Mount

Stock # Price Each
2" height x 4 1/4" length 70417 $90.80
4" height x 4 1/4" length 70418 $93.60
6" height x 4 1/4" length 70419 $103.75
7 7/8" height x 4 1/4" length 70420 $114.65
8" height x 5 1/4" length 70421 $120.65

Minimum order is $20.00 in any combination of Ribtype™.

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